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Game Booster Mod APK

There are lots of games we play, and they are somehow worth playing, but they’re sometimes we face a problem of slow things like the games don’t have that energy, or maybe sometimes your devices don’t have that power that they can boost the speed of the game or device can take proper control on any of the heavy game. At that point, the only app that can help you out is Game Booster Mod Apk. This application is so helpful to boost the game speed up.



Many people never heard about any app like Game Booster Mod Apk, so they don’t know that something like this could exist. But yes, it does exist if you want to speed up your games or play any heavy game that mobile devices don’t support, then this application will help you out. And by using this brilliant app, you can play any game and enjoy them to the fullest. Now you don’t need to skip any game just because they process slow or because your device doesn’t support its heaviness.

What’s New?

After the success of the old version, they have added more in this boosting app to provide more to their users. People also went through some viruses and error issues in previous versions, but this version is all laced with advanced features and technology, so there’s nothing to worry about while using this app. You can use this app and boost the speed of your games, and now you can play heavy games.

Information Table

App NameGame Booster 4x Faster
DeveloperG19 Mobile
UpdatedSeptember 19, 2021
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Credits
Size9.6 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.4 and up
Rating (Average)4.4
Rating (Number of votes)211,320

App Requirements

The size of this boasting app is 3M that takes around 4 or 4.1. This boasting app is compatible with Android devices. It doesn’t cause any viruses or errors.

Mod App Features

Boosting up the Speed of Games

By keeping and using this app, you can easily boost up the speed of any game on your devices. Any game if you like, but due to speed, you are losing your interest in the game, then this app is something you need. Don’t give up on your favorite games just because of slow speed.

Play Heavy Games

If your devices aren’t so high that they can take any heavy game, this boasting app is also for that purpose. Keep this app on your device, and by using it, you can play heavy games on your devices, too, just because of this app.

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Free to Keep and Free to Use

This game is providing the infinite best services to all the gamers especially. And all of the services of this app are completely free. This feature means that this application is just giving and not taking any money or anything else. You have to take advantage of this application:

Use for Unlimited Games

The best thing is that you can not only use this app for one game at a time, but also you can use this app for unlimited games, and you can use this app unlimited times. Just advantages and play the fullest with full energy and nothing to worry about.

Other App Features

Self-Free RAM

This app has a quality that this self-free RAM in RAM free tweaks, so while using this application, the indicator will start itself. When you stop using the app indicator, it will automatically close itself.

Play without Losing the HD Quality

Suppose you think that there will be any difference in the quality of the game’s graphics and HD quality after keeping and using this application. In that case, you’re mistaken because the quality will remain as advanced as it was before using the application.

4X Faster than Before

Now the question that how much sped will it give to any game? The answer is extremely satisfying because it will increase the speed of the game by 4X faster. Means four times better than the actual speed of the game. Now you can imagine the fun you can have.

Quick Launching

After keeping the app on your devices, you don’t have much to do to avail yourself advantages of this app. You have to push your finger on some options, and you will get the desired results, and yes, results will shock you.

Quick Boost

If you don’t want to do much or don’t know how to use any boosting app, go into the application and select the Quick boost feature and everything will start happening right after you choose this brilliant Quick boost feature.


This app is really easy to use. You have to touch on some options, or even if you want to do that, then choose the Quick boost option, and everything will happen itself. Also, the indicators will go on or go off themselves. Even for that, you don’t have to do anything extra. You can enjoy games with speed and energy if you use Game Booster Mod Apk.

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Game Booster Mod APK

App Version History

The current version of this game is 1.1.2. It only takes around 4 or 4.1 on your devices as the size of this application is 3M, and this boosting app is compatible with Android devices.


This game is the best game boosting app, and you will surely admit it after using it for a week. Now you can play any game that you have never played just because of the size or speed issues. Enjoy Game Booster Mod Apk, and don’t forget to recommend it to others.

Game Booster Mod APK FAQ’s

What is Game Booster Mod APK?

Game Booster Mod APK refers to a modified version of a game booster application for Android devices. Game booster apps are designed to optimize device performance and enhance gaming experiences by allocating resources, reducing background processes, and optimizing system settings. The modded version may offer additional features, unlocked options, or other modifications not present in the original app.

Are there any alternatives to Game Booster Mod APK?

Instead of using modded versions, it is recommended to use official game booster apps available on reputable app stores. These apps are designed to optimize device performance and improve gaming experiences. Additionally, there may be other alternative game booster apps available in the market that you can explore.

What does a Game Booster APK do?

A Game Booster APK, when installed on an Android device, aims to enhance gaming performance by optimizing various aspects of the device. It can allocate more system resources to the game, disable unnecessary background processes and services, clear RAM, and tweak system settings to provide a smoother and more responsive gaming experience.

Where can I download a Game Booster APK?

You can download a Game Booster APK from various sources, websites like us that offer APK files. It’s important to download from our trusted sources to ensure the authenticity and safety of the APK file.

Do Game Booster apps really improve gaming performance?

Game booster apps can potentially improve gaming performance, depending on the specific device and its configuration. They can help optimize system resources, reduce background processes, and tweak settings to prioritize gaming performance. However, the actual impact may vary depending on the device’s hardware capabilities, the game being played, and other factors.

Can I use a Game Booster APK on any game?

Game booster apps are generally designed to work with a wide range of games. They are not specific to a particular game and can be used to optimize performance for various gaming applications.