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FxGuru Mod APK

There are many reasons why Hollywood films are so spectacular, and one of them is their virtual effects. What if we had the chance to play a game that allowed us to duplicate the same virtual effects? That’s incredible. The game Fxguru mod apk provides this option to all virtual effects fans. They also have an Android version of this. As a result, Android users may now play this game and enjoy some incredible virtual effects.



This Fxguru mod apk is a game that gives all virtual effects fans the ability to do so. They also have an Android version of this. As a result, Android users may now play this game and enjoy some incredible virtual effects.

Gamers may use virtual effects to produce movies and short video snippets. This game allows anyone who wishes to learn more about filmmaking to do so. If you’re interested in all these fantasies, they can also offer visual and emotional feelings.

What’s New?

The software program has been up to date to consist of new features, including the capacity to attract a huge circle. Instead, make a ghost film for your video to terrify the world. In addition, video outcomes for horror and panic are available, in addition to SciFi and fable outcomes. In this new edition, you could integrate weapons, weaponry and beautify the power of your videos.

Information Table

App NameFxGuru
UpdatedDecember 9, 2019
Mod FeaturesAll Unlocked/Ad-Free
Size64 MB
RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up
Rating (Average)4.2
Rating (Number of votes)519,056

App Requirements

Editing and video making is the genre of this software, and the most recent version is v2.12.00. The app’s size and version determine app compatibility. 50 MB of your device’s memory must be there for this app. Consequently, depending on your device’s requirements, you can look for the most recent version of this mod file.

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Mod and Other App Features

Premium Features and Infinite Effects Unlocked

They offer over ninety unfastened consequences and feature unlocked all paid capabilities. All of those consequences are to be had in case you free up them. Both customers can make use of this service. IOS and Android are the two maximum famous working systems. A variety of the consequences are pretty incredible.You’ve, in all likelihood, performed a whole lot of video games that, regardless of what number of unfastened capabilities they have, are not well worth your time. However, they usually fee for top rate capabilities, while the Fxguru mod apk offers you they all for unfastened.


Who else is tired of the annoying advertisements that interrupt our gaming experience? Thank you, Fxguru mod apk, for allowing us to play without being interrupted by advertisements. There are no advertisements in this game at all.

No Watermark

Unlike all other games, this one lacks a watermark, which is both bothersome and inconvenient. This game, however, does not have a watermark.

Free and Simple to Download

This game is completely free, and no payment is required to use any of the above features. Gamers must first download the game to their smartphone before they can begin playing and having fun with it. Also, there are no bugs or any issues with this game. This game is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

Show off to Your Friends

You may make short films, and video clips using these effects and then show them off to your friends. You may also promote this game to friends and family who enjoy making movies or aspire to be filmmakers. This game will allow them to satisfy their inner desires.

Advanced Virtual and Cinematic Effects

They have a wide range of high-quality virtual effects that make it appear as if you are in the actual world. It will give players the impression that they are playing a character in a real movie.

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Also, gamers may employ all of the cinematic effects to make the game appear like a movie. These advanced effects are also unrestricted and unrestricted.


FxGuru is a tweaked version. It’s a video editing program or a movie editor. This game is based on the film, and academics created the software. Users of Android and iOS can download this app. It was a big-budget Hollywood horror, action, and science fiction film. They have all the characteristics necessary to replicate the same virtual effects in the game as they do in the movie. Over 10,000,000 users have downloaded this program.

App Version History

Editing and video production fall under the heading of this activity. The most recent version is v2.12.00, which consumes 50 MB of your device’s storage. The reproduction is also compatible with Android smartphones running version 2.3 and above. All of the mod’s features are also unlocked and available for no charge.

FxGuru Mod APK FAQ’s


Through Fxguru mod apk, you get the finest chance to recreate all of your favorite sequences from FxGuru. In this game, gamers may enjoy all of the Sci-Fi and Terror fun. They may have as much fun as they want and even brag about it to their friends without having to spend any money. If you want to make it appear like a movie, this game must have all virtual effects. Animals, cars, monsters, weaponry, insects, and even natural calamities are all part of the story. They also provide all of this modern technology. This game’s visuals are very crisp and appealing. This game is also available for Android smartphones.

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