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Dead Target Mod APK

We all have watched zombie-based movies at least once in a life. In Dead target mod apk brings the same for all game lovers. The chaotic situation created after world war where every country wants to own the other one, and in this situation, they release a deadly virus called the zombie virus. Many people are already affected by this virus; meanwhile, virus-free people are trying hard to protect themselves from this deadly virus. 

Dead Target Mod APK


Being a player, you will play as a hero in dead target mod apk. You will be the one who will fight for their nation, for their people, and your survival. Lots of advanced shooting guns will help you to kill thousands of zombies. In this game, you can enjoy shooting by killing thousands of zombies. All lives become completely worthless after the release of this virus. And countries will try to rescue all the people left behind to save them from this virus and save their country. Lives have completely changed due to this chaotic situation on earth.

What’s New?

In this hack version, they offer you a lot. Such as advanced features, abilities, powers, and all the stuff you will get to see in this game will be completely free, and also all the stuff in the real version of this game you saw locked will unlock in this hack version. That’s why this hack version is far better than the original version.

Information Table

UpdatedNovember 24, 2023
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money and Gold
Size140 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and up
Rating (Average)4.4
Rating (Number of votes)2,117,038

App Requirement

The size of this app is 140MB that requires 4.1 and up on your devices. This game is available for all those who have android devices.

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Mod Features of This Game

All the Unlocked Accesses

All features that have been locked in the real version are now unlocked in this hack version. You will get to enjoy everything in this game without having paid. All the unlock features are quite advanced and favorable among gamers.

Ads Free

Watching ads is not the happiest thing for anyone, especially while playing a game. It’s so annoying. But in this hack version, there will be no ad. Yes, you read it right. You won’t get to see any ads. It won’t be annoying while playing.

Free to Play

They developed this version completely free. Along with all the features and other stuff, they won’t ask you to pay anything to buy or unlock anything. You can have all the fun free of cost.

Visual Sound Quality and Graphics

The sound quality and graphics of this game are something to talk about. The makers developed it by putting lots of effort and using modern technology, so all images and scenarios look real in this game.

Available on Offline Mode

Yes, now that’s the one best thing to play this Dead target mod apk game even without the internet. You don’t need to be online to play this game. If you don’t have a why access to the internet still you can play this game.

Other Features of This Game

Various Kinds of Maps

In this game, they will provide you with various maps that will help you know about the areas and cities around you. To survive, you can explore other cities as well with the help of these maps.

Unlimited Rewards

The more good you will play, the more you will get rewarded in this game. Taking down zombies will be worth it as you will get rewards after each victory and with each passing challenge and given task.

Advanced Weapons with Different Abilities

In this game, there as various kinds of weapons you will have. Each weapon will be different from one another, and the best part is that all these advanced weapons are unlocked and free to get.

Zombies with Different Capabilities

Even not all zombies will same. There will be lots of zombies, and some of them will have different capabilities than other zombies. Here is the time where you can show your abilities and how you can live around the zombies with different abilities.

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Roaming in the Apocalypse and Saving the World

You have no other option in this game either to die, pick up your weapons, and start shooting towards zombies. If you give up, then the world will become the land of zombies. So saving the world is all in your hands.


The game will start in the year 2040. All countries are fighting for each other, and in this chaotic situation, the deadly virus will release. And millions of people will affect by this deadly zombie virus, and all those who survive will fight for life. In Dead target mod apk, you are one of those survivors who will pick up the weapon and start fighting with zombies not just for themselves but also for saving mankind and earth from this deadly virus.

App Version History

The current version of this game is v4.120.1 that requires an android version and that space 140 MB and up.


The game is extremely incredible with all those free features and different capabilities. Everyone who used to watch zombie-based movies will love to play this game, and after playing it once, they will get addicted to it. Hack version of dead target mod apk is more favorable than the original version.

Dead Target Mod APK FAQ’s

What is Dead Target Mod APK?

Dead Target Mod APK is a modified version of the official Dead Target: Zombie game, offering additional features, resources, or modifications not available in the original version. Users often download it from unofficial sources.

What additional features does Dead Target Mod APK offer?

Features in Dead Target Mod APK can vary, but common additions include unlimited gold, cash, enhanced weapons, or unlocked premium items. Check the specifics of the modded version.

Can I play Dead Target Mod APK offline?

Once downloaded and installed, Dead Target Mod APK can be played offline. However, certain features, such as multiplayer or updates, may require an internet connection.


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