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Azur Lane Mod APK

Azure Lane Mod Apk is all about water, missions, challenges, and many more things. You have to play as a hero and will have to complete so many given challenges and missions. This game is not like a multiplayer game. This game is a single-player game. The story begins at the azure lane, where you will be up to have so much fun. Almost 500,000 gamers have downloaded this game. Now you can imagine the goodness this game has. To all the game lovers, you will impress by this game.



This game is quite different from other casual games. In Azure Lane Mod Apk, you can enjoy yourself in ships while fighting with your opponents being a hero. Till now, you only witnessed this all. in movies or dramas. But from now you can do this all as the main character through this game. Fulfill your dreams in this game is an extremely amazing choice for anyone. In this game, you can have so much fun because they will provide you with many amazing features that will make your game more outstanding.

What’s New?

Although this game is itself new in the era of games, also you will get to experience lots of new characteristics that are like the backbone of this game. In this newest version, you will have more stuff than other previous versions. Also, This version has lots of new ships weapons for their players that will make them more superior in front of their opponents. Imagine role-playing, action, ships all in one. Wow, now that sounds great.

Information Table

App NameAzur Lane
DeveloperYostar Limited.
UpdatedAugust 10, 2021
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gems and Coins
Size53 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.3 and up
Rating (Average)4.9
Rating (Number of votes)131,907

App Requirements

The size of this game app is 2GB that requires around 42RAM on your android devices. If you want to keep this game file on your android devices, you must have this required space in your device.

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Mod App Features

Good Sound

In this ship and a fighting-based game, you will listen to amazing sound music with each action, stunt, and shooting. They developed this game in such an incredible way. In addition to this, modern sound effects are priceless.

Cool Graphics

If you see the ad trailer of this game, you will be shocked because all the characters and all the people will look so real. Even the background ships the scenario. Everything looks like a real-life situation.

Unlimited Gems and Coins

To buy and unlock new and advanced stuff, you can use these given unlimited coins and gems. These free coins and gems make this game so different and amazing and a good chance for those who don’t have that much money to spend on games.

Free of Cost

Not only features but also this game all things related this game and also the game is completely free of cost. No hidden charges, no hidden tax, no any other hidden amount they will ask for like other games.

Unlocked All Characters

In this game, there are lots of different characters available, and you can choose any of them. And fortunately, all the characters are unlocked in this game.

Other App Features

Two Types of Battles

This game will offer you two different types of battles is manual mode, Al mode. So now you can play this game even when you are stuck in your busy schedule. This feature is one of the marvelous features.

300+ Ships

In this game, you will have around 300+ ships. Some of them might get unlocked that you can easily unlock by using unlimited money and completing challenges and tasks.

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It’s up to you that what ship you want. You can avail any of the ones you like.

Step Forward and Get the Fam Around the World

Once you become a pro in this game, then you can surely take a step forward. Take more high steps and defeat your more enemies and that’s how you can become famous around the world.


In this game, you will be on an amazing ship, and also, you are foes will be on another ship. The fight will start between ships. You make sure that their ship should be more good than your opponent’s ships. So that you can defeat them, you can’t just win by choosing a good ship but also at the same time, you have to think like a smart hero who defeats their enemies by using cool and dead strategies against them. Also, in Azure Lane Mod Apk, weapons are amazing and advanced, so choose fairly.

App Version History

To enjoy the fullest, kindly come to know about the latest version of this game that is 6.0.1. In this version, all the new features are available.

Azur Lane Mod APK FAQ’s


If we sum up everything we discussed above, we agree that Azure Lane Mod Apk is an incredible game with all the modded features. Also, this can satisfy gamers who love to enjoy ships, water, and fights and can’t do that all in real life. Then you can choose this game to satisfy all your fantasy and wishes. This game is all fun one can ever have, enjoy this game and recommend it to loved ones.

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