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Kingdom Rush Mod APK

Being a king of a kingdom sounds so good, and everybody wants to feel like a king in their life. If not in real life, then why not in gaming life. But it is not that easy to claim a king of the kingdom. One must go through lots of challenges and tasks if they want to claim themselves a hero. There will be so many characters in Kingdom Rush Mod Apk.



Apart from this, there are also so many other things in this game, such as bombs. In Kingdom Rush Mod Apk, you will go through beyond fierce battles with powerful enemies. You will be the one who will build a kingdom, but for that, at first, you have to build towers first. The more opponents you will, the more stars you will get in return. When you reach the level of 18, then the types of enemies will increase. With each clearing level, your kingdom will upgrade and become more strong.

What’s New?

In this game, lots of new outstanding features are waiting for you. And it will leave you in wonder about how any game could be that incredible. Everything is so on point in the version of this game. Also, keeping this app on your device is worth it. When you first play this version, you will admit how beautifully they developed this unique version and made it super-duper. Additionally, after playing, you will know why there was so much hype just because of this game.

Information Table

App NameKingdom Rush
DeveloperIronhide Games
UpdatedOctober 28, 2021
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money/Gems
Size158 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.2 and up
Rating (Average)4.7
Rating (Number of votes)668,719

App Requirements

This strategy-based game app size is around 120M, and it requires good space in any android device. If there will not be required space available on your device, you won’t keep this game app on your device.

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Mod App Features

Lots of Unlimited Diamonds

Just keep buying, keep buying, and don’t stop because no one will dare to stop you. Do unlimited shopping and spend unlimited given diamonds. Because you don’t have to pay it from your pocket, it’s all that will be provided to you in this game.

Unique 3D Games Graphics

Each picture, character, image, background, everything is so sharp and well organized, just like real life. Everything is portrayed so amazingly in this game. What else do you want? Even the costumes and characters’ features are so extremely sharp now go and claim yourself a king of the amazing high kingdom.

Heroes Unlocked

In this game number of heroes are available, and the best thing is that all heroes are unlocked and free. Choose between them that what hero you’re going to play in this game. Complete all your heroic desires through this game.

Unique Sounds

That’s another feature that makes this game look real. What an amazing sound they choose? Sound and music are according to the characters, and shooting sounds are on the mark. Even the background sound has also won. 

Available Free

What else does any game lover want from any game developer? If they offer everything free of cost? What an amazing offer to avail. Don’t waste more time thinking and playing other childish games with lower technology.

Other App Features

Build Your Kingdom

When you enter this game, then, of course, you will become a king, and who else will build a kingdom except forking? Building a castle in this game will give you a better experience and polish your gaming skills.

Kill the Monster

Like every other movie you watch, you see how a hero comes, kills the monster, and wins a kingdom. In this game, you will have a chance to do the same. You will play as a king, and your main task is to kill the monster. But it is not that easy because you have to go through lots of other tasks too.

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The more you kill enemies, the more stars you will receive in return that will work like magic. It will help you overcome so many hardships and difficult challenges, kill your enemies and save your kingdom.

Upgrade Kingdom and Build More Towers

It’s up to you that how you play the game. If you play it with the mind, it will help you be good and better, and in return, you will be able to upgrade your kingdom and build lots of new towers, which will help you fight with your opponents.

Various Lands

In this game, you can roam around kingdom rush and the middle ages. If you play it with the mind, it will help you be good and better, and in return, you will be able to upgrade your kingdom easily.


The gameplay is simple and straight. You will enter as a king. You will start killing your opponents who want to destroy your kingdom. You will build your kingdom and towers in Kingdom Rush Mod Apk. With each passing task and challenge, you will be rewarded. And all those rewarded will help you to go more ahead. With each passing level, your opponents will increase, and so abilities.

App Version History

The new version of this game has so much new to offer you. So the newest version of this game is 5.3.15. You can have this game app on your android devices.

Kingdom Rush Mod APK FAQ’s


By winning the first prize, this game has proved that it deserves all the praise. 3D graphics of Kingdom Rush Mod Apk make it special among all the video games. You are going to like this game for sure.

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