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Guns of Glory Mod APK

The Gun of Glory Mod APK is a shooting-based game. Also, a single-player game. In this game, you will play to clean your name from the black blames. In this game, people will consider musketeers a killer and will think that they are the ones who killed the king. In this game, you will enter as a hero who will help musketeers to prove themselves innocent. But this is not like a cup of tea. You will help musketeers with all your heart.



You will build your army to become more powerful. It’s not like you are just sitting behind the wall and asking your army to do everything for you. You will get lots of features, weapons, and rewards in this game as well so that you can use all that to defeat your enemies and win the battle and prove musketeers innocent.

What’s New?

The addition of lots of new features and effects in this new version is unbelievable. So now this game has become more interesting than ever. Also, all the new weapons, swords are literally beyond your imagination. With this new version, this game has become the most played game among all the games. The charm of this game is so deep that once you get into it now, it’s almost impossible to get rid of it.

Information Table

App NameGuns of Glory
DeveloperCentury Games Publishing
UpdatedNovember 11, 2021
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money and Gems
Size832 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and up
Rating (Average)3.9
Rating (Number of votes)499,239

App Requirements

The size of this game file is 805MB that needs around 4.1 on your android devices. No other devices are compatible with this game app.

Mod App Features

Unlimited Money and Gems

In this game, they have lots of amazing weapons, swords, and more. But you will have unlimited gems and money already in this game, and you can spend money on buying stuff.

3D Graphics and Animation

Each character, scenario, effect all look so cool and realistic. The features of each army soldier are so clear and sharp, and the animation and graphics of this game are quite convincing.

Super Easy Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is super easy. Suppose a person who has never experienced a game in their life can even play this game like a pro. The story is straight and clear. And because of this easy gameplay, you will become a pro within no time. In this game, you will enter as a hero who will help musketeers to prove themselves innocent. But this is not like a cup of tea. You will help musketeers with all your heart.

Get Gold

As if you go through levels and challenges. You will get gold in return. And this gold can help you to unlock so many features and different items. The more you will overcome challenges, the more you will look for gold.

Free to Play

This feature you can consider as the backbone of this game. So many gamers refuse to play the games because of pay a handsome amount, and they don’t want to spend on games. But the hack version of this game has been resolved this problem.

Other App Features

Build a Powerful Army

When you enter this game and come to know that you will have to defend musketeers and fight with opponents, you will build your army who will take part in battles and help you win. Also, you will own your army and give them a direction. You can show off your skills and let them know that how good you are at gaming.

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Play with Friends and Family

You can connect with your friends and family through this game, and not only you can connect with them, but also you can play with them. You can challenge them. You can show off your skills and let them know that how good you are at gaming.

Upgrade Abilities of Your Army and Horses

Yes, you will have horses too in this game, and also, you can increase their power and ability. And you can upgrade the abilities of your army whenever you are stuck in the hectic conditions you can do that it will help you overcome.

Build and Protect Kingdom

After the murder of the king, there will be bad people who want to create chaos and destroy the kingdom but being a hero, you will take a step forward to protect the kingdom, and you will start destroying opponents who want to destroy peace and the cause of chaos.


Gameplay is beyond your imagination. The story will start when enemies kill the king and blame three musketeers for being free from murder and creating chaos, destroying the kingdom. In this situation, you will enter in Guns Of Glory Mod Apk and decide to prove musketeers innocent and start killing opponents who want to destroy peace. Also, you can’t do it alone, so you will build your army to help you fight and win.

App Version History

The most current version of this game is 6.10.0 that requires 4.1 and up on your devices. Delete the previous version if you have it on your phone.

Guns of Glory Mod APK FAQ’s

  1. How many musketeers are in this game?

    Total of three musketeers in this game. Who will be innocent and murder free?

  2. Can we use any given swords?

    Yes, you can. Even if the features are locked, you can unlock them from unlimited gold and coins.

  3. Can we keep this app game on our android devices?

    Yeah, this game Is specially developed for Android devices, and it requires 4.1 on your device.

  4. We heard that the graphics and animation of this game are super amazing. Is this true?

    Yes, this is 100% true. The graphics and animation of this game are beyond amazing.


After knowing all about this game, you will surely fall in love with Guns Of Glory Mod Apk. This game is worth playing. Also, it gives you a chance to play a hero and complete your childhood desires.

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