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Injustice Mod APK

This game is amazingly well. Injustice Mod Apk is good for all ages gamers. Anyone can play this game. There’s no restriction for any age nor any extra requirements. In this game, you will choose heroes and villains by your choice. In this game, each level will have three rounds. You must have to win two rounds from three to move forward. In this game, you will also get exciting characteristics that will increase the charm of this game.



This game is very flexible to play because you can play this game by using your fingers in your touch devices. In Injustice Mod Apk, you can shake, swipe and slide by moving your devices for any gesture. This game is especially for those who used to collect heroes and villains stickers. Also, this game can give you a taste of every favorite hero and villain. You can add more characters to your heroes and villains collection. Then you won’t need to collect stickers because they will all save in this game.

What’s New?

You will find lots of positive changes in this version. It will not be wrong if you think this version is entirely different or changed from all previous versions. The addition of new actions, gestures, and not just actions and gestures but also new heroes and new villains make this game super cool and full of excitement. All the errors and viruses have been removed from this version. This version is all advance and developed by using modern techniques.

Information Table

App NameInjustice: Gods Among Us
DeveloperWarner Bros. International Enterprises
UpdatedMarch 25, 2021
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
SizeVaries with device
RequirementsAndroid 6.0 and up
Rating (Average)4.3
Rating (Number of votes)2,549,463

App Requirements

These games can be counted in the category of Action games. The size of this game is around 1.3G that requires around four or up to space in your android version.

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Mod App Features

Unlock all your Favorite Characters

In this game, there are huge numbers of characters for both heroes and villains. All the given characters in this game are unlocked. You can pick any hero or villain characters by whom you want to represent yourself.

Unlimited Money

Although lots of stuff are unlocked in this game, nevertheless, lots of stuff are locked too. So you get them easily because you have money. So no worries, even if there is something locked because you are extremely rich in this game and can buy anything from the game by using unlimited money.

Sound and Graphics

When we watch any movie or drama, our priority always is sounds and graphics, and these two things don’t look good, then no matter how good the story and character are, we don’t watch the movie. Sound and graphics always have been the most important feature of any game. That’s why developers made this game with advanced and amazing sound and 3D graphics. So yes, all the characters, scenes, and gestures are completely sharp and clear in this game.

Free of Cost

All the praise you read above is worthy because all the characteristics and the game are completely free of cost. Keep playing, keep using given money, keep buying stuff. Everything is free. In short, the game is available completely free.

Other App Features

Unique and Different Abilities

In this game, as they will provide you unlimited characters then keep. One more thing in your mind is that each character has something unique and powerful. Each character will have different abilities and power, and that’s a plus point.

Replay Previous Fight

The best thing is that if you made a mistake and you want to see that’s where and how you can pick your mistakes, then it’s another good news that you can replay the last fight you perform and also you can learn from your previous mistakes so you can do better than before.

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Iconic Characters

Many characters are available in this game, such as Doomsday, Wonder woman, Green Lantern, Superman, Joker, Black Adam, Shazam, and many more. All these characters will make your day.

Different Storyline

You are not going to play the same and same storyline again and again. It will fade a joy. So that’s why every level has a different storyline that won’t let you get bored.

Upgrade powers:

Also, you can increase the power and abilities of characters if its in need. It will help you to kill your opponents. You can choose any ability to increase that you think it’s compatible with the current situation.


Gameplay is super cool, like other stuff of this game. You can pick any character you like the most. Also, you can challenge anyone from around the world and show how amazing a gamer you are with lots of skills. You must have to think 1 step ahead of your opponents so that you can tangle them in your strategy and kill them. Injustice Mod Apk won’t disappoint you for sure.

App Version History

To enjoy the newest features, kindly keep the newest version on your device that is 3.4. It requires around four or upon your android device.

Injustice Mod APK FAQ’s


This super exciting game can be your best friend and will help you to kill your boredom. How amazing and exciting characteristics this game has. Injustice Mod Apk is popular because this is worth getting all the fam. Don’t waste any more time and start playing, and then you will not stop playing this game.

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