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Top War Mod APK

In this game app named top war mod apk, all the legend heroes came together, such as Craftsman, Tactical Masters, and Grand Marshals. Now you can imagine that all the powerful legends come out together, then what happens. They can create magic powerful magic that can blow on enemies and can ruin them within seconds. When you enter this game, you will start it from an abandoned island. You will create your base there.



Starting this game with an abandoned island is all fun because you will decorate the buildings that will be trendy and beautifully constructed. Also, there are many modes available in the game as you are allowed to play in all modes. When you are done with building buildings, you will make a proper land, and that’s how you will grow. And the land you will construct will become your long-lasting and everlasting. That’s the point when the battles will start.

What’s New?

This version of  top war mod apk will see new legend masters who will be experts in their fields and work. There will be unbelievable battles that will happen in this new version. This version is played by around 5 million gamers who love to play fighting games and craft powerful weapons. There are lots of battles related games, but this game has weapons crafting too. That’s why the success of this game app is bigger and larger than other battle-related game apps.

Information Table

App NameTop War: Battle Game
DeveloperTopwar Studio
UpdatedNovember 26, 2021
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins and Money
Size177 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.2 and up
Rating (Average)4.5
Rating (Number of votes)582,138

App Requirements

The size of this game app is 148MB that requires around 3.5 to 4. And it’s compatible with Android versions. You can keep this app on any of your android devices. If you want to keep this app on your devices, your device must require space.


Mod App Features

All Premium Features are Unlocked

In this game, all the stuff you will get, even premium features, is unlocked. Although, you know that no makers of games provided premium features unlocked. It would help if you had to do something to unlock them. But in this game, all premium features are unlocked.

Unlimited Coins and Money

Also, you can spend a whole lot of money on this game. That’s the thing you can’t do in real life for sure. But in this game, you can do what you can’t do in real life. That’s the kind of satisfaction. You are spending unlimited coins and money to buy stuff and unlock exciting stuff.

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All Levels are Unlocked

There’s no such thing in this game that you must have to do something if you want to unlock any of the levels. No, as in this game, all the levels are already unlocked, and you don’t need to do anything just t unlock the levels in top war mod apk.

Ads Free

It always seems annoying watching ads while you are so in the game. It decreases the Interest of players. But in this game, nothing can disturb your game. You can play this game without seeing any ads.

Everything is Unlimited

Whatever is available in this game? Whatever features, weapons, crafting material, fighters, enemies, everything is available in an unbelievable quantity. Even though from point one to till the last point, everything is available unlimited.

Free of Cost:

As you know that whatever is available in this game is unlimited. There’s no limit of use or no limit of spending. Also, all the unlimited stuff along with this exciting battle and crafting game is available free for you and all the players.

Other App Features

Fight in Your Style

As in so many fighting or battle games, you can only allow playing on land, but there are many available fighting varieties in this game. So you won’t get bored while playing. You can only in any style, such as an army, navy, or air force man.

Play with Friends

This recreation is also a multiplayer game, so that you can enjoy this game with your friends. To achieve bigger, you can team up with your friends. That’s how you can achieve big and get rewards.

Build Military-Based

You will start this game from an abandoned island, so you will build your military base from where you will. Start your work also you will build an amazing building too.

Expand your Land

While fighting with opponents, you make sure you take care of your other warriors as well. So attacking enemies and by killing them, you can capture their lands. That’s how your land will expand ad your warriors will be safer.


When you enter this game, you will start from an island that everyone has abandoned. Then you will build your military base there, and then you will start decorating and building some more buildings, and you will keep doing this to convert the blank soil into an amazing land. While fighting in top war mod apk, you will have some legendary fighters from the army, air force, airbase, crafting man, scientists that will work by the side to side with you.

Top War Mod APK

App Version History

If you want to enjoy all the latest features, then kindly keep the current version on your devices that is 1.230.1 that requires around 3.5 to 4 on your device as the size of this game app is 142MB.

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This game named top war mod apk is a new modern game for people of every age. This game can entertain everyone who plays it. At the same time, no ads will come in. All the premium features are also unlocked. All the levels are unlocked. 

Top War Mod APK FAQ’s

What is Top War Mod APK?

Top War Mod APK is a modified version of the Top War: Battle Game for Android devices. Top War: Battle Game is a strategy game where players build their own military base, train troops, research technologies, and engage in battles against other players. The modded version may offer additional features, unlocked items, unlimited resources, or other modifications not present in the original game.

Are there any alternatives to Top War Mod APK?

Instead of using modded versions, it is recommended to use the official Top War: Battle Game available on reputable app stores. This ensures that you have a legitimate and secure version of the game. Additionally, there may be other similar strategy games available in the market that you can explore as alternatives.

Is Top War APK free?

Top War: Battle Game is free to download and play. However, the game may contain in-app purchases that offer additional content, resources, or speed up gameplay progression. These purchases are optional, and the game can be played without making any in-app purchases.

Can I play Top War offline?

Top War: Battle Game requires an internet connection to play. The game features online multiplayer battles and interactions with other players, so an active internet connection is necessary to participate in the game’s activities.

How does the gameplay of Top War work?

In Top War: Battle Game, players build and manage their military base, train different types of troops, research technologies, and engage in battles against other players. The game combines elements of base-building, strategy, and combat. Players can form alliances with other players, participate in events, and work together to conquer territories.

Can I customize my troops or base in Top War?

Top War: Battle Game allows players to customize their troops through research, upgrades, and equipping them with different weapons and equipment. The game also offers customization options for the base, allowing players to design and optimize its layout for strategic advantages.