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This app named pk xd mod apk is a game-based application where you can play several different types of GTA. Yes, you heard right, not just one GTA or not just one game but the various types of different themes you will get to experience in this application. In this application, you can enjoy an open world because the features of this app and the features available in all the GTA themes are miraculously outstanding. That’s why it’s been played by millions of players.



We all know that we have lots of similar apps like px xd mod apk. But if we look at the success of this gaming app, we will know that there’s something different in this app that’s why there’s so much extra hype happening. With time, gaming is becoming better than ever. And this changed people like it, especially gamers who love to play games like GTA where they can play like the whole world they have and do whatever they want to do.

What’s New?

Although this app and its criteria are new, if we talk about the real version of this app, this hack version is better in all aspects than the original one. That’s why it’s more popular than the original one. Also, you don’t have to spend a single cent, and this mod feature isn’t available in the basic version. So many problems players were facing in previous versions but not now because so many changes have happened in this application.

Information Table

App NamePK XD – Play with your Friends
UpdatedNovember 29, 2021
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gems and Money
Size165 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.4 and up
Rating (Average)4.4
Rating (Number of votes)3,248,109

App Requirements

The size of this application is around 166MB that takes around 4.4 on your android devices. You can keep this app on any of your android devices like pads, tablets, PC.


Mod App Features

Unlimited Gems and Money

No matter how many games are available, each game has how much stuff to buy and features to use. In short, in each game, you will get unlimited gems and money to spend. This game is like an open world, so you can do whatever you couldn’t do in real life just because you are broke. But in this game, you have unlimited money to spend because you are rich in this game.

Ads Free

So ads are something that can push people towards the opposite side of any application. Either be a game application or any other application. It decreases the interest of the user to use any application. Because no one is fond of watching ads between anything, but this gaming application is completely ad-free. You will not get to watch a single ad while using this application.

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Quality of the Games

The quality of the games is super amazing. Developers developed this gaming application while keeping the current era in their mind. Even if you compare it with the original version, it will surprise you because being a hack version; it’s beautifully made than the original one.

Free to Play

After all the good things, add one more special thing: you can do anything in this application without spending cents. You are all a lot to spend all the given money and gems as buying other stuff. All the fun, all the enjoyment you will get free of cost. So you can now see your cents instead of spending on gaming.

Other App Features

Customize your Avatar

Not every game provides this great opportunity to the gamers to customize their avatar the way they want. But this game app allows gamers to create their avatar where they can use all the exciting stuff such as shoes, beard style, clothes, hairstyle, and this avatar customization is also free of cost.

Build and Decorate House

You can build and decorate your house too, like in a real-life you do. You are completely free to do it the way you want to decorate it. In this game, lots of design patterns are available. You can avail yourself of all the patterns to make and design the best-decorated house.

Lots of Mini-Games

In this gaming application, lots of mini-games are available, and you can play all the games free of cost. Avail as much as you can because, in all those mini-games, everything is free. Imagine the fun you can have if you keep this application on your android devices.

Purchase any Pet and Play with Them Too

In this game, many pets are available such as pigs, cats, dogs, raccoons, alligators, hedgehogs, cows, hippopotamuses. You can buy any pet from the given money and coins, and then you will own it. You will feed them. You will be with them. It all sounds like endless fun.

More than a Hundred of Privilege:

Enjoy all the mini-games and all the fun they are offering with hundreds of privileges. You have to gain and avail and nothing to invest and give; it’s much better than playing it all with your friends.

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The gameplay of px xd mod apk is easy for everyone. This gaming app is a world of gaming where one can enjoy the fullest. Where once you have entered, then there’s no going back. All these mini-games are also super exciting, along with free features, free gems, and more than a hundred privileges. You will learn to play this game after just one trial.


App Version History

V0.42.0 is the current version of this gaming application. That is compatible with PCs, tablets, laptops, and android phones. It just takes around 4.4 as the size of this app is 166MB.


Keep px xd mod apk in your devices if you are at the infinite level of boring. It can kill your boredom with their advanced gameplay with all these mini-games and infinite features.


What is PK XD Mod APK?

PK XD Mod APK is a modified version of the PK XD mobile app. PK XD is a virtual world game where players can create their avatars, explore various locations, interact with other players, complete quests, play mini-games, and decorate their virtual homes. The modded version may include additional features or unlocked content not available in the official version.

How does PK XD Mod APK work?

PK XD Mod APK functions similarly to the original PK XD app but with added modifications. These modifications can vary depending on the specific version of the mod. They may include features like unlimited in-game currency, unlocked items, enhanced customization options, or other alterations to gameplay mechanics.

How is PK XD Mod APK different from the official PK XD app?

PK XD Mod APK includes modifications made by third-party developers that alter the original game to provide extra features or advantages. These modifications can vary, but they often include unlocked items, unlimited in-game currency, or other enhancements not found in the official app.

Are there any alternatives to PK XD Mod APK?

If you are interested in additional features or unlocked content in PK XD, it is advisable to explore official in-app purchases or updates provided by the developers. These options will ensure that you are obtaining content in a legal and safe manner, without risking security issues or violating terms of service.


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