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Cover Fire Mod APK

Currently, hundreds of shooter games are gently appearing with several features on google play. However, Cover Fire Mod Apk is an entertaining game. You will enjoy the fantastic features of this game. The storyline of this game creates attraction and unique meaning. Therefore every player takes an interest in this recreation. You have to use a vast collection of weapons and different military weapons to play this game. Furthermore, you can explore the mysterious colors of the world through this game.



As cover fire, the name itself describes the whole story of this game. The player can easily understand the game after observing its name. It consists of hundreds of missions in which you have to defeat the enemy and cover the areas in the field. Moreover, it increases your power to elongate joy and makes it easy to complete all missions thoroughly. 

Also, the makers came up with this game due to its realistic effects that influence the most. Thus, the game depends on actions with the latest graphics.

What’s New?

Nowadays, we can see hundreds of video and shooting games on the whole google play store. Also, these types of games effectively affect human health, mental progress, stress, and various advantages to enhance a person’s ability to think and understand the tragedies of games. Cover Fire Mod Apk is on the list of widely played shooting games in the modern era. Also, the most crucial factor of this game is the vast collection of armory; you can achieve all types of guns and shooting weapons quickly.

Information Table

App NameCover Fire
DeveloperViva Games Studios
UpdatedSeptember 23, 2021
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money/VIP 5
Size47 MB
RequirementsAndroid 6.0 and up
Rating (Average)4.4
Rating (Number of votes)2,214,896

App Requirements

The genre of this game is shooting with version 1.21.22, which is the most recent version of this game. The app’s size and performance will determine your device’s compatibility. 

However, it will most probably use 320MB of your device. So you can look for the latest version of this game according to your device storage. You can also use this app to play the game without difficulty and make your time unforgettable.

Mod App Features

Unlimited Money

The most beneficial feature of this game is infinite gaming money. So you can enjoy and have lots of entertainment with the help of endless gold and money. Also, you can utilize this money to buy customizable and other valuable benefits free of cost. Furthermore, the player uses this earned money to purchase new armories to ameliorate equipment at the most significant level.

An offline Shooting Game

The player can experience VIP mod features on this game free of cost. If you have already played this game, you are friends with the VIP mod of Cover Fire Mod Apk. The recreation has a paid subscription, so you can quickly gain the VIP mod without a single penny after installing this app.

Variety of Armory and Locations

The game Cover Fire Mod Apk comprises several armories in vast amounts, containing shotguns, rifles, and handguns to move fast while firing.

Additionally, this game allows you to cover several areas while firing to win victory over enemies. So you have to search through into various zones to slay all antagonists while having a cover.

Massive Collection of Customizable

Your struggle in playing the game will lead you to achieve a massive collection of customizable military equipment like clothes, skins, and other types of everyday essentials.

Additionally, it will also grant the player to enhance all equipment and weapons along with fire rate and accuracy, so firstly, install this game and continue the recreation powerfully.


The gameplay of this game is not so complex if you get involved in it. This recreation attracts the player towards it and forces them to drown in the storyline. The thrilling actions of well-known performers with smoke everywhere make the game more exciting and become thought competition for all the opponents.

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Additionally, Cover Fire Mod Apk avails its users with several types of equipment which categorize into particular features for each class. Also, this recreation has 3D touch features that are the capability of a shooting game. Moreover, the latest version of the cover fire game arrives with the latest deals, so you can quickly join the mod offline.

App Version History

The game’s most recent version is.1.21.22, which takes 311.4 MB of storage on your device. The software of this game was last updated on October 21, 2021. Also, the recreation has the compatibility of 6.0+ in android devices. The essential mod feature of this game is infinite collection armory and customizable.

Cover Fire Mod APK FAQ’s

  1. When was the latest version of this game released?

    The latest Cover Fire Mod Apk was last released on October 21, 2021, with v1.21.22. Also, this recreation arrived with new aims and inspirations for shooter games.

  2. Is it safe to play on this mod?

    Of course, this game is entirely safe to play on android devices as our expert team tested its latest features and antivirus. So you have got secure and complete.

  3. Can you play this game offline?

    This recreation offers you both an offline and an online shooting game. Suppose you want to avail yourself of all the features, make excellent use of all advantages, and take more to work on your capabilities, so you have to choose offline gaming. On the other hand, an online gaming mod lets you emerge with different military targets and explore your level. Also, you can achieve a considerable amount of armories and customizable.

  4. Is this game is suitable for everyone to play?

    As Cover Fire Mod Apk is entirely based on shooting action, the player must learn shooting skills to deal successfully in critical missions. Due to the heavy-duty and the use of heavy weapons, while playing the game, this creation is only applicable for the players eighteen years old and above.

Final Words

Cover Fire Mod Apk offers you all resources and abilities to make it robust and efficient free of cost. Also, you can install the app without a single penny. Moreover, the player can easily play the recreation on any smartphone. It offers to enjoy all its modes everywhere without any interruption with the availability of all its services and major armories.

Additionally, the game mod is an exceedingly high-quality FPS game with the representation of game scenes. Also, the battlefield perfectly projected that providing the feeling of real-life battle to the player. So you can enjoy boundless shopping, experience VIP mod, and enjoy a lot with this game.

App Video