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Emergency HQ Mod APK

In general, the Emergency HQ mod apk is an emergency simulation game. You have to control emergency units, the fire taking over the area, and all other technical services. Perform missions like rescue, medical management, fir extinguishing operate vehicles, and much more. Construct and customize your base and build up the best emergency center with the best emergency services. Update your equipment, including your fire trucks, emergency tools, and equipment, and expand your base.


Information Table

DeveloperPromotion Software GmbH
UpdatedOctober 2, 2021
Mod FeaturesSpeed Hack and MOD Menu
Size62 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and up
Rating (Average)4.4
Rating (Number of votes)255,157

What’s New?

Well, in the latest version of emergency HQ mod apk, you will be seeing new challenges and missions

Since it is October fest; you will be seeing the Oktoberfest missions and challenges

You can build an amazing marque for your team members using Oktoberfest deals.

You can store 500 percent more coins

Special App Features

Call Your Rescue Team

Create and customize your rescue team with trainer warriors. Those warriors will help to protect and keep the people safe from any dangerous situation and any emergency. Enter the crime scenes and inquire about the status.

Fight With the Case

Take your team to the crime or emergency scene to take a keen look and fight against hazardous conditions. Use all equipment and technology-based equipment to have proper control over the situation.

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Challenging Events

You will find many different events and crime scenes every day and new missions to polish your skills. However, you may also face some problems like running out of fuel, water, or any essentials. So you have to be prepared for everything and every difficulty.

Build You Headquarter and Join Other People

Besides you, there are also many rescue teams and rescue forces in the town so that you can join them in other rescue missions. Also, you can build your emergency HQ so you can talk to new people quickly and efficiently. Explore the virtual world with new people and take instant security measures to help others. Enter new challenges and win amazing rewards.

How to Play?

This game is very addictive and exciting as it is effortless to use. If you get to know of a fire situation, call the fire extinguisher. Fires can be experienced in those areas where there are medical personal, car engineers, or any work in which there is any fire-related work. So you have to keep a keen focus on such areas and their activities. If you find something suspicious or a dangerous situation, then quickly come to the rescue and provide your emergency services. When you complete your task efficiently, you get excellent rewards and upgrade your work building to get more team members. This will help you make your work more effective and even faster.

Mod Features

The modded version of the game benefits us with many modded features. Some of them are listed below:

Unlimited Coin and Currency

In the modded version of this game, you get to play the game with unlimited coins and money, which will help you play the game effortlessly and without any pause or delay. This way, you can continue the game and unlock everything.

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No Ads

This game has attractive modded features which enable you to play without any interruption of ads and sponsorships. This helps you play the fantastic game efficiently and win different rewards.

Unlimited Gems

You can play the game with unlimited gems. With the help of this feature, you can unlock anything in the game, whether it is a new feature or a unique ability to make your game easier.

Emergency Hq Mod APK FAQ’s

  1. How Can You Get Unlimited Money In The Game?

    In the classic game, you have a limited number of everything, whether it is money, game currency, or any special powerups. But if you want to play the game with unlimited resources, download the mod file of this game. The mod version will help you enjoy the game with unlimited money and currency, unlocked for free.

  2. Is This Game Easy And Safe To Play?

    Yes, this emergency game is straightforward and straightforward to play. And it is very safe to play. This game is virus-free as it is scanned by many viruses detecting websites and softwares. So there is no doubt of any safety issue. You can easily download it for free and enjoy the fantastic game.

  3. Is This Game Age-Restricted?

    No, not really. This game is not age-restricted. Everyone can play this game, whether it is children, teens, or adults. Children can play this game to pass their free time and get to know a lot. This fantastic emergency rescue game will help you understand all rescuing skills, save people from dangerous situations, and take them to a safe place.

  4. How To Install Obb File?

    Follow the following steps to download the obb file of this game:
    1. Install the spk file which you downloaded.
    2. Extract and copy the file.
    3. Now start the game and enjoy its unique features and gaming skills.

App Version History

V1.6.10 MOD APK 61.4MB
V1.6.09 MOD APK 60.4MB
V1.6.08 MOD APK 60.4MB
V1.6.07 MOD APK 60.8MB


If you love to play an emergency rescue game, then you are in the right spot. Emergency HQ mod apk is the best rescue game that will help you polish your gaming skills by helping people. After reading this article, we are sure that you are very clear about every feature and detail of this game. This real-life strategy game will help you join new people and play with them. Moreover, it is the perfect choice for people like you who are craving new and exciting games. Download yours and have the time of your life and enjoy!

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