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Tidal Mod APK

Tidal mod apk is the world’s greatest and most popular music streaming app. There are thousands of music and audio apps on the market, but sometimes it isn’t easy to pick one that best suits your personality. However, this recreation has all of the features that any user wants in a music streaming app. This software contains all of the songs in HD resolution, ensuring that you get the finest listening experience possible.



Tidal mod apk is a world-famous music player released long ago and has reached over ten million downloads from Google Play. There are different views on the characteristics provided by this application. Many people love this sport due to its wonderful sound quality that provides the best listening experience. Furthermore, the modified version of the TIDAL Premium APK version is available for free. Also, it provides high-quality sound for the best user experience, which is the best feature of this recreation, and the song system is also categorized by genre. Moreover, if you’re keen on your current genre or you want to hear lots of music, so you will be able to adjust the settings to show down your background.

What’s New?

In today’s world, entertainment apps are boosting day by day due to increasing demand. Music has also flatter a daily need of everyone. However, tidal mod apk is one of the best alternatives designed specifically for iOS users. Here you can find a large collection of music, including a huge collection of different genres and old collections, can easily upload and listen to the songs.

This service offers lots of various ways to obtain music and enjoyment that you must like. The recreation is the same as the basic version, but it offers lots of amazing features at no cost that don’t seem to be available in its basic edition.

Information Table

App NameTIDAL Music – Hifi Songs, Playlists, & Videos
UpdatedNovember 15, 2021
Mod FeaturesPremium/Unlocked
GenreMusic & Audio
VersionVaries with device
SizeVaries with device
RequirementsVaries with device
Rating (Average)4.1
Rating (Number of votes)275,631

App Requirements

The genre of this game is music and audio, version v2.50.1, the latest version of this application. The size and version of the app determine device compatibility. It will use 64.01MB of your device. As a result, you can search for the latest version of this mod file based on your device needs.

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Mod and Other App Features

Enjoy Endless Songs

This application consists of many songs that you can enjoy today, regardless of status, religion, or location. You have to download this recreation and find your lovely song here. The app includes many classics and moderns from different artists and bands worldwide, so you may find everything you need. The user may feel free to navigate the myriad genres to create and enjoy unlimited playlists for various purposes.

Lots of Bands and Singers

If you are willing to enjoy lots of songs, tidal mod apk is the best app for you. It consists of a lot of songs from different genres, bands, and singers. So here you can discover lots of music and listen to your favorite music. Whether you like classical, jazz, or rock, there are lots of songs here. So the user can enjoy and listen to their favorite artists and discover albums. Today, there is a lot of content to enjoy with this app.

Discovering New Music

Recommendations for streaming apps like this are great to enjoy. A smart app to analyze your musical tastes will recommend songs from the same or similar artists you’re listening to. Now you can listen to and enjoy new songs you’ve never heard before.

Tidal Podcast

You have the option to listen to live music worldwide. Also, you can listen to newly released music on the live music podcast. Now you don’t have to wait longer to access the newly released music, and this music is instantly available via a live podcast.


Tidal mod apk provides you with a very convenient and user-friendly interface so that anyone can use it easily. It also offers a quick journey of this app to help you acknowledge its features in more detail. Moreover, the gestures are very fluid. Like many other music applications, the navigation bar shows at the bottom, so it’s easy to use with a single hand. The app has a search bar that gives you everything you need, whether the latest or the oldest songs. So you can conveniently upload your favorite songs and enjoy them everywhere.

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Additionally, Music & Audio App gives rise to life easier with its nice excellent music player. Also, it allows you to possess full power over the background signal you want to permit on your phone.

App Version History

The category of this recreation is music and audio. The TIDAL mod APK recent version is v2.60.1, which takes 64.01MB of storage on your device. Also, the recreation has the compatibility of 4.3 and above in android devices. The developer of the recreation is the TIDAL. Also, all the mod features are unlocked and free of cost.

Tidal Mod APK FAQ’s


All of the above features make it clear that this application is worth downloading. As if you could perform multiple tasks from this single application. This single application is useful for many purposes. Tidal mod apk, a versatile application, is perfect if you are also familiar with the music. Furthermore, this application is not bound to a single category, but you can choose the music you would like to listen to. Also, the recreation does not have a subscription fee. However, if you want to add multiple channels, so its costs are negotiable amount. So let’s download the amazing recreation and entertain yourself with charming music.