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Kingdom Wars Mod APK

You can guess by the name of Kingdom Wars Mod Apk that the game relies on some strategy, kingdom, and wars where the fight will begin on domains. In this game, you will not only be one who will have unbelievable powers and weapons, but also your opponents have lots of unique weapons that can destroy your whole army in seconds. So that’s why everyone calls it a strategy-based game where you will have to do everything by using innovative strategies.



This game relies on many stages that are in a reasonable quantity. In Kingdom Wars Mod Apk, you will have to avail yourself of fun as much as you can. Kill your boredom by playing this game is also a good option. In the strategy game, it does not mean that simple people can’t play this. They have to play a little bright to save themselves and their army. In this game, you know the meaning of troops; this deadly weapon can destroy an army of hundreds in seconds. Before playing this game, you should get to know about this game.

What’s New?

In this version, the storyline is far better and attractive in comparison to all previous versions. You will get to see lots of progress in this version with new stages, new abilities, and new features. Overall in this current version, there are lots of positive changes you will enjoy.

Information Table

App NameKingdom Wars
UpdatedOctober 21, 2021
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins/Money
Size47 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.4 and up
Rating (Average)4.1
Rating (Number of votes)264,279

App Requirements

This game file size is 42MB that requires around 4.1 on your android devices.

Mod App Features


When we talk about the game Kingdom Wars Mod Apk, then after gameplay and story, these two things are essential. One is sound, and another one is its graphics. And the pictures of this game are already famous among gamers. Every man’s character, scene, background, and scenario will be like clear glass, precisely like a real-life war. On the other hand, music and sound have also caught so much attention. The sound of this game is as good as its graphics.

Unlimited Coins/Money

Also, the money and coins in the game are available in unlimited quantities. If you want to unlock any weapon at any stage, these coins and money will help you with that purpose, and you spend without getting worried about its quantity.

Unlimited Weapons

The weapons quantity in this game is also available unlimited. You can use hundreds of weapons, and it won’t end. All these weapons will help you defeat your powerful opponent and protect yourself, your army, and your kingdom.

Free to Play

Everything you read above and everything you will read below is entirely free of cost. From this game to all these unique and attractive features, all are completely free of charge. You can play this game day and night without paying anything.

Other App Features

Tower Defense

You can have all the fun while shooting from back to the defense towers. This way you will remain safe, and also you will kill lots of opponents. This game has one defense tower, but there are dozens of dozens of defense towers built.

More than 400 Stages

This game has unfinished fun quality as this game has more than 400 stages. Just keep playing and enjoying, but it won’t end. And fortunately, every level is different from each level. Every level will have something exciting to offer.

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200 Unique Units

This game is not going to end soon because, from both sides, there will be 200 unique units. Who will crave to kill each other units? And also, each side has 100 ally’s teams in their armies that all will look different from each other, and each one will have different abilities and powers.

Boast up and Upgrading Abilities

You are also allowed to boast up and upgrade the abilities and powers of your army and yours. This game has six different types of boasters. And you can choose any boaster that helps you in going on the situation.

Lots of Upgrades

This game will itself upgrade you and your army. Whenever you complete any given task or challenge and complete any stage, this game will provide you with rewards in the face of upgrades and abilities.


The storyline of Kingdom Wars Mod Apk will start from the world where slowly peace has been beginning to be destroyed. There are people in the world who have created chaos. People have started moving towards safe places that are small territories. In all this chaos, fighters and heroes will take action and start hunting down the enemies. They will call troops to destroy opponents’ towers, and you are one of these heroes. You will fight with your powerful army and kill enemies who caused all the chaos.

App Version History

If we look at the newest version of this game, 1.6.7 is the most current version that requires around 4.1 in size in your android devices.

Kingdom Wars Mod APK FAQ’s

  1. Only enemies have troops, or can we as heroes also use troops?

    Being a hero, you will also use troops to destroy your enemies.

  2. How many stages does this game Kingdom Wars Mod Apk have?

    This game has 400 exciting different stages.

  3. Is this game available for Android users?

    Yes, this game was developed for Android devices.

  4. If we complete any stage, will they reward us?

    Yes, they will reward players in so many ways that will be helpful for players in the next stage.


Strategy-based games release your stress. Kingdom Wars Mod Apk has so much to offer you, and you have to start playing this game. 

In this game, you will not only be one who will have unbelievable powers and weapons, but also your opponents have lots of unique weapons that can destroy your whole army in seconds. And say goodbye to your boredom. Also, you can enjoy so many exciting features that are also free of cost.

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