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Hide Online Mod APK

Recreate your memories through Hide Online Mod Apk, where you can play both like a real-life hide-and-see game. You can play a character who is hiding, and also you can play a character who is seeking. This game will also give you a little ride in your childhood memories, but you can recreate your beautiful childhood memories due to this game. But in this version of hiding and seek, you are allowed to shoot from guns. Meanwhile, this is you never experience anything like that in real life.



In Hide Online Mod Apk, you will experience an unstoppable fight with many modern tactics, guns, and weapons. If you are playing the character of a hunter, you will have to find the one hiding from you. You will have to find him and kill him. So to kill or shooting you will be provided various kinds of tactical weapons that will help you perform a brilliant battle. Or if you play the one who is hiding, then the hunter will try to find you and kill you.

What’s New?

They have added various kinds of new weapons with new abilities and upgrades. Also, the problems they received from their players regarding previous versions they have worked on and developed this version with the best quality to convince players to invest their time and play this game. Bugs and viruses have been fixed. And you won’t experience any problem because of this game app; that’s what makers have claimed.


Information Table

App NameHide Online – Hunters vs Props
DeveloperHitRock Games
UpdatedOctober 24, 2021
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins and Money
Size54 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.4 and up
Rating (Average)4.4
Rating (Number of votes)1,483,811

App Requirements

Like every other application, this game also has some requirements that you need to fill in if you want to keep this app on your device and if you want to play it day and night. The requirement is beyond simple as the size of this game app is 49.2MB that takes around 4.1 on your android and iOS devices.

Mod App Features

Unlimited Coins and Money

Coins and money are the basic use of any game. If you go for the original version, you will have to buy coins and money in the game. Then you can spend that money bought on stuff or unlocking anything, but in this hack version, you will receive money from the game, and you can buy any items and unlock any feature by using this money and coins. So, in the end, the hack version is all about getting unlimited free stuff from unlimited money and coins.

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All Levels Unlocked

There are so many levels in this game, and all the levels are fortunately unlocked. As in the original version, you will have to give a remarkable performance or invest money if you want to unlock any level, but you will get all levels unlocked in this hack version. So go for any level you want to play.

Ads Free

No unnecessary ads will come in between. While you will play this game, feel free to forget about everything because, not unlike the original version, you will have to watch unwanted ads. Special thanks to the developers of this game that they came up with something worthy and unique.

Unlocked all Premium Features

Even if you want to avail any premium feature, it will be a pleasure for the developers to serve gamers with everything unlocked. Because all the premium features are also unlocked and unlimited, use as much as possible.

Free to Play

All the premium features and mod features everything that relates to this game, along with the game itself, is completely free for everyone. No matter where do you belong. You can enjoy this game free of cost.

Other App Features

Outstanding Battles

If you only want to strike again and again, then go for the specific mode where you can only strike being a hunter. You will have to find props, start shooting on them, and kill them.

Customized Hunter Avatar

If you play as a hunter, you can customize the desired hunter avatar of your character. You can choose a skin, portraits, designs, and everything. That’s how you can create your hunter avatar.

Various Kinds of Weapons

In this game, you will get lots of advanced weapons such as snippet riffles and rifles, and all the weapons available in different shapes and with different abilities.

Special Maps

As this is the hide and seek game, that’s why they will provide you with some special maps that will help you to hide as a prop and will help you to find a prop as a hunter. Playing with the map will increase the fun of this game.


The gameplay of Hide Online Mod Apk is exactly like a game you used to play in childhood. But in this game, you will have special maps, amazing weapons. You can create your hunter avatar. By using a specific mod, you can play as a hunter who will be the only one who will strike against props. 

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Hide Online Mod APK

App Version History

The newest version of this game app is v4.8.0 it just takes around 4.1 on your android and iOS devices as the size of this app is 49.2MB.

Hide Online Mod APK FAQ’s

What is Hide Online Mod APK?

Hide Online Mod APK is a modified version of the popular multiplayer hide-and-seek game called Hide Online. It offers additional features, unlocked items, and enhanced gameplay experiences that are not available in the original version of the game.

Can I play Hide Online Mod APK on my Android device?

Yes, Hide Online Mod APK is designed to be compatible with Android devices. You can install and play the mode version on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Is Hide Online Mod APK safe to use?

The safety of Hide Online Mod APK depends on the source from which you download it. It’s crucial to download the mod from reputable websites to minimize the risk of malware or other security threats. Always exercise caution when downloading and installing mode APK files.

Are there any limitations or restrictions in Hide Online Mod APK?

Hide Online Mod APK is designed to provide additional features and enhanced gameplay experiences. However, please note that mode versions of games may have certain limitations or restrictions that differ from the original game.

Will my progress be saved if I switch from the original Hide Online game to Hide Online Mod APK?

No, your progress from the original Hide Online game will not carry over to Hide Online Mod APK. Since it’s a modified version, it is considered a separate installation, and you will start fresh in the modded version of the game.


Revive your childhood memories by playing Hide Online Mod Apk. You will have lots of unlimited features with unlimited access. You can enjoy this hide and seek game for free. You can keep this game app on any android and iOS device.


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