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Pokémon GO Mod APK

If you are a lover of action and adventurous games and love to discover more exciting things in fun, then this game is made for you. Pokémon go mod apk is an adventurous game where you can connect with people from around the globe, send them gifts, participate in friendship systems, and win amazing rewards and bonuses. Your trainer can chat with other trainers, trade your Pokémon with them, and earn many prizes and bonuses after selling Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Mod APK

Information Table

App NamePokémon GO
DeveloperNiantic, Inc
UpdatedNovember 11, 2023
Mod FeaturesFake GPS, Location, Coins
Size100 MB
RequirementsAndroid 6.0 and up
Rating (Average)4.2
Rating (Number of votes)14,883,679

What’s New?

Along with new upgrades to the game, you get new features and updates. So, with the latest update of the game, you can now send and use QR codes to add new friends. You can now search Pokémon using the latest and improved Pokémon function using the word “lucky.” you can also see all pokestop details on the maps screen. You also get notifications when you send or receive gifts or level up your rank. in additional settings, now you can hide your latest found Pokémon from other players. Notifications also have a new user interface and attractive capabilities. Bugs and issues have also been fixed, which caused a problem in the older version of the game.

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App Requirements

  • Pokémon go is a free game, but you can make in-app purchases.
  • It is suitable for the latest smartphone but not for tablets.
  • This game is suitable and can be played on devices having RAM of 2 GB or more than that and the android version to be 4.4 or greater than that.
  • This game can only be played on devices that are GPS enabled and have a good internet and mobile data connection.
  • Not compatible with tablets.
  • It may not work on some devices until the compatible version is not installed.
  • The game can be played correctly with a stable and continuous internet connection, so you get an accurate location.
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Special Features

Search Everywhere for New Pokémon and New Items

In this game, you enter a new environment of Pokémon in which you have to look out for land or water Pokémon to add to your list. Visit new pokestops and places like museums, markets, and old monuments to stock pokeballs and other items.

Battle in Epic Challenges

Join new teams and fight with other players to own new gyms with your Pokémon by your side. As your Pokémon upgrades, you can fight more battles to win in the gym and defeat other opponents.

Join Teams and Fight with Boss Pokémon

You can play raid battles which will help you experience and encourage yourself to work with more than 20 trainers and defeat primary boss Pokémon like the raid boss Pokémon. If you win against the boss Pokémon, you manage to get a new powerful Pokémon of your own.

No Ads

Ads are a source of disturbance and inconvenience when it pops up on your screen while playing any game, but fortunately, now you can play this game in its modded version. You can play this game without any interruption of ads or sponsorships.

Unlimited Everything

In the modded version, you get to play the game without any delay and pause because everything is free of cost. You do not have to buy anything because each thing to free, and you do not have to spend any money or currency on purchasing anything.

Pokémon GO Mod APK Gameplay

This game is based on virtual technology. If you want to play this game, you need to have a smartphone with a stable internet connection and a GPS location to check your location. This game is based on the storyline of the Pokémon go movie. Having straightforward gameplay attracts new users a lot. Each player moves to the desired location using the Pokeball trajectory to find the Pokémon on your way. Users can easily add more Pokémon because each is unique on its own. Each type lives in different and unusual areas, and you have to find them using the GPS.try to find the strongest Pokémon using google search.

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App Version History

Pokémon go mod apk is a demanding game, but when released faced a lot of criticism because of some technical issues. At that time, it used to be one of the most used and popular games having downloads worldwide of more than 500 million. It is a location-based and AR technology-based game in which you have to walk and make a physical movement to find new Pokémon. However, in 2016, it faced a lot of controversies as it created a lot of disturbance and many accidents occurred. Many countries also showed security concerns. On the other hand, the downloads increased to about 800 million and gained much fame.


If you are up for exciting and new games where you get to travel and learn more, Pokémon go mod apk is the game for you. Search for new Pokémon and surprising items using your GPS and collect them as much as you can. Visit new places to find unique and new Pokémon. Also, you get to play with people from around the world and battle with them. If you win, you get a terrific and powerful Pokémon of your own. This is a whole world of its own. So what are you waiting for? Download this fantastic game and explore the world.

Pokémon GO Mod APK FAQ’s

What is Pokémon GO Mod APK?

Pokémon GO Mod APK is a modified version of the official Pokémon GO game, offering additional features, resources, or modifications not available in the original version. Users often download it from unofficial sources.

What additional features does Pokémon GO Mod APK offer?

Features in Pokémon GO Mod APK can vary, but common additions include unlimited PokéCoins, enhanced Pokémon capture rates, or unlocked premium items. Check the specifics of the modded version.

Can I update Pokémon GO Mod APK like the official version?

Updating a Mod APK may require downloading and installing a new version manually from the source. It won’t update automatically through official app stores.

Can I play Pokémon GO Mod APK offline?

Once downloaded and installed, Pokémon GO Mod APK can be played offline. However, certain features, such as events or updates, may require an internet connection.


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