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Stick Cricket Mod APK

This game named stick cricket mod apk is like a professional cricket where you can make your cricket team. You can choose characters; you can choose their outfits. Also, if you progress in this game, you can be a leader of the T20 cricket league. This game is the best chance for those who love to play cricket. Especially those who want to play professional cricket. They will get a vibe of playing professional cricket in the stadium.



There are several cricket-based games, but this game has something unique that gets more attention than other cricket theme games. Gamers like this game because this game has much more like a real cricket league, and gameplay is also like real-life cricket. Over 10 million people are playing stick cricket mod apk right now. And so many gamers are about to begin, and surely you will be one of them. Features of this game are also different than other cricket-based games.

What’s New?

They have changed so much in the current version. The performance of players is also better than before, and all the bugs have been killed. Moreover, new features make the game more interesting and also make a mark. Players like this version more than all previous versions. This version is most likely than the old ones. Gameplay is also easy, even for beginners. This game is worth playing. At least give it one chance.

Information Table

App NameStick Cricket
DeveloperStick Sports Ltd
UpdatedNovember 15, 2021
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Size90 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and up
Rating (Average)4.4
Rating (Number of votes)120,918

App Requirements

The requirement of this recreation is quite simple and convenient to utilize .The size of this game application is 33M, and it takes around 4.0 or upon your android device. You can get this game app easily from the Google play store.


Mod App Features

Unlimited Money

In this game, you will receive unlimited money from the start of the game. It will help you to unlock lots of stuff that will lead you to a sensational cricket league. And this money won’t be over no matter how much you spend.

Sound and Graphics

You will get to see them each and everything that happens with clear pictures and images. Visual of this game has created by only advanced technology. Even you will see the sharp features of every player. Also, the sound and commentary are like a real cricket league. Commentary will follow each ball and explain it beautifully with a clear voice.

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Free to Play

If you have played the original version of this game, you already know how much money they charge for everything, but this hack version is like a million-dollar where you can enjoy the fullest without paying money. Even in this hack version, if anyone asks for money, you can pay from given money you already have in this game.

Easy Gameplay

Everyone knows what happens in cricket and the criteria of cricket leagues and how to play. So the gameplay of this game is as easy as you have seen in real-life cricket. Anyone can easily play this game with simple techniques.

Other App Features

Create your Character

After entering the game, you can customize your character. In this game, there are unlimited accessories available you can choose any of them. You can create a character that you have always wanted to see in real-life cricket.

Do Contracts with Big Superstars

To all those famous crickets you used to watch on tv screens. Now you can sign a contract with them to keep them on your team. All the popular cricketers are available in this game, and fortunately, all of them are unlocked.

Be a Caption of Your Team

You can be a caption of your team, so if you win the toss, you can decide which team will ball first and which team will bat first. You can experience caption control in this game.

Around 70 Teams

There are around 70 teams in this game, and you can choose your team from these 70 teams. Seventy teams is a big number. And no other cricket-based game is offering it.

Smash Epic Sixes

If you go first to bat, you should start batting with epic sixes, giving your team some motivation to play good cricket, leading to victory and becoming a winner after defeating the other team.

Bright Career

If you want to make a name in your cricket career, you have to play good cricket. It will all record in career stats, and it will keep showing your progress. Earn as many as trophies, and you will become the best.

Stick Cricket Mod APK


Gameplay is extremely simple. In stick cricket mod apk, you can play cricket like a real-life cricket. You can select your team among 70 teams. You can customize your character. Also, you can play as a caption and lead your team. If you earn many awards and trophies, it all will be safe in your progress, and that’s how you can do more in this game.

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App Version History

This current version, 1.7.3, is the best version of all. It takes around 4.0 or up.


This game named stick cricket mod apk is real fun. It can satisfy your inner cricketer who always wanted to play in the stadium. Now you can also play cricket leagues in the stadium. Get yourself ready to become a famous cricketer in this game.

Stick Cricket Mod APK FAQ’s

What is Stick Cricket Mod APK?

Stick Cricket Mod APK is a modified version of the original game “Stick Cricket” for Android devices. Modded APKs are not officially released or supported by the original game developers or app stores. They are created by third-party individuals or groups and may offer additional features, unlocked items, unlimited resources, or other modifications not present in the original game.

Where can I download Stick Cricket Mod APK?

Find our trusted source Best APK Down to download the Stick Cricket Mod APK APK file. By simply click on above download now button and save into your device.
Enable installation from unknown sources in your device settings.
Locate the downloaded file and tap on it to initiate the installation process.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
Once installed, launch the Stick Cricket Mod APK and begin your journey into a world of endless possibilities.

Are there any alternatives to Stick Cricket Mod APK?

Instead of using modded versions, it is recommended to use the official “Stick Cricket” game available on reputable app stores. This ensures that you have a legitimate and secure version of the game. Additionally, there may be other cricket-themed games or similar sports gameplay experiences available in the market that you can explore as alternatives.

How does the gameplay of Stick Cricket work?

In Stick Cricket, players control a stick-figure cricket player and bat against various bowlers. The objective is to score runs by hitting the ball and avoiding getting dismissed. The game offers different game modes, including quick matches, tournaments, and challenges.

Are there different game modes in Stick Cricket?

Stick Cricket may offer various game modes, such as T20 matches, ODI matches, Test matches, and special event challenges. Each game mode provides a unique gameplay experience and different challenges.

Can I customize my player in Stick Cricket?

Stick Cricket allows players to customize their stick-figure player’s appearance with different outfits, helmets, and bats. These cosmetic customizations add a fun and personal touch to the gameplay.


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